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HYC Large with wood

HY-C Log Racks & Caddys

A variety of sizes and shapes of racks allows you to store the amount of wood suitable for your needs easily in an attractive package.

  HYC Log Rack   Small HYC Log Rack   MediumHYC Log Rack   Large

 Available in either small (holds 1/4 cord), medium (1/2 cord) or extra large (full cord) sizes, the standard HY-C log racks assemble quickly and easily.

HYC Rack Cover

Each rack has its own cover as an option to help keep the firewood dry if the rack will sit in an exposed area.

HYC Crescent Holder HYC Brackets HYC Log Caddy

Other choices include the uniquely shaped crescent log rack, brackets which enable you to "build your own" log rack using 2 x 4 wood, and a log caddy. The caddy is a pneuamtic wheeled vehicle which allows for the easy transportation of firewood from your HY-C Log Rack to your fireplace or stove.

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