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Ideal for Open Patios

The Sunglo™ PSA265V permanent post heater is an outdoor rated natural gas heater ideal for open patio designs. The in-ground post minimizes the deck space requred and positions these heaters at the ideal height for comfort and safety.

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Heat coverage caries depending on the wind exposure on the patio. The average spacing between heaters is 12 ft apart.

This heater is available with a variety of control systems. The Sunglo™ PSA265V is a manually operated ignition system heater requiring 24 volts for the solenoid gas valve, which allows the heater to be turned on/off by a switch. This heater utilizes a pilot-thermocouple 100% safety shutoff. Pilot must be manually lit. 50,000 btu/hr.


Product Features

  • 50,000 BTU
  • 100% Safety shutoff control
  • Constant pilot
  • 24 Volt required to operate solenoid gas valve
  • Turn heater ON/OFF with a switch
  • Heavy duty corrosion resistant construction
  • Black powder coated 3" diameter post
  • 34 1/2" One piece aluminum reflector
  • Wind rating: 10 MPH horizontal
  • CSA Certified
  • Full parts availablity and support