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Opel Keystone

Low Emissions - High Performance

The Keystone name comes from the interchangeable keystone facing that is offered either as a semi-clean look or as a full faceplate, adding modern sophistication and design choices to any mid-sized space. Both options allow you to bask in the ambiance created by an Opel fire while being comforted by the knowledge the catalyst is burning off harmful emissions and heating efficiently.

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Product Features:

  • EPA Certified to comply with 2020 particulate emission standards at 0.7 g/hr. (with the 635cfm Central Heating Blower option)
  • 3.6 cubic foot firebox, up to 70,000 BTU's
  • Can heat up to 3,000 square feet
  • Max. log length - 18"
  • Beautifully sculptured, handmade firebrick lining


Product Options:

  • Keystone Louvres
  • Firescreen
  • Gravity Vent Kits, allowing the heat to be moved to other areas of your home
  • Central Heat Kit, allowing heat to be distributed throughout the house using the existing furnace ducts
  • Internal blower